Best Yoga Studios in Chicago: Find Your New Om Sweet Om

January 30th, 2018 by

Finding the right yoga studio is the key to keeping a consistent practice. Luckily, for Chicago residents, this is an easy task. Yoga studios are popping up everywhere these days, enabling yogis, or aspiring yogis, to get the most out of their daily flows.

With so many places to practice, we decided to roll out our mats and get our sun salutations on, to narrow down the best yoga studios in Chicago. See if your favorite made the list!

Heat Up Your Flow: 105F

105F offers a variety of classes that’ll suit yogis of all levels—and by levels, we mean heat, as well. You’ll find classes in rooms that are hot, warm, or non-heated, and that range from 60-90 minutes. Choose from traditional practices like Yin or Nidra yoga, or try something new, like Inferno Hot Pilates or Rocket Vinyasa.

105F has three locations: Wicker Park, Lincoln Park, and South Loop. So, no matter where you are in Chi-town, you can easily find a studio nearby.

Get Back to Ancient Roots: Bloom Yoga Studio

At Bloom Yoga Studio, you’ll find the ancient traditions of yoga incorporated in their classes. Their mission is to help aspiring yogis integrate the practice into their daily lives, and they do so by emphasizing breathwork and staying in the present moment throughout poses.

Along with their different classes, you can also take part in workshops like Yoga 101 or Ayurveda Training. Bloom also offers a yoga teacher training program, so you can really take your practice to the next level.

The Perfect Combination: Studio Three

If you’re into a variety of fitness classes to accompany your yoga practice, Studio Three is the place for you. The “Three” in their name stands for their three fitness studios under one roof: Cycling, Interval, and Yoga.

With classes that cross vinyasa and strength-training practices, the yoga studio at Studio Three is geared to accommodate all levels. They offer both heated and unheated classes, as well as monthly workshops and quarterly fitness challenges to encourage your committed practice.

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