2018 Dodge Charger Dashboard Symbols


2018 Dodge Charger


When you’re driving around Skokie, Chicago, Forest Park, or Park Ridge, paying attention to the symbols on your dashboard is the easiest way to tell how your vehicle is functioning. On the dashboard of the Dodge Charger, for example, you may see a variety of lights, many of which are meant to alert you to a problem with your automobile. Here is a quick guide to the different 2018 Dodge Charger dashboard symbols that you may see when you’re behind the wheel of this car.

Air Bag Warning Light

Brake Warning Light in Dodge Charger Dashboard

One of the most important symbols to look out for on the dashboard of your Charger is the airbag warning light. This light looks like a car passenger with an airbag deployed in front. When this light activates and is accompanied by a single chime, it means there is a problem that may prevent your airbag from deploying in a wreck. The airbag warning light will stay active until the problem is addressed.

Brake Warning Light

The brake warning light, indicated by the word ‘BRAKE,’ is used to monitor a variety of braking functions. If you see this light, it could mean that the brake fluid in your vehicle is too low, your anti-lock brake system reservoir has malfunctioned, or your parking brake is active. If you’ve checked all these issues and the warning light is still on, there may be an issue with your hydraulic brake system.

Battery Charge Warning Light

Battery Charge Warning Light 2018 Dodge Charger

The battery charge warning light is another of the many 2018 Dodge Charger dashboard symbols that you may see while on a drive. As you might expect, this light looks like a car battery, and when it is active, it means your battery is not charging properly. Should the light stay on, it may indicate an issue with your charging system or a problem with your car’s electrical system.

Electric Power Steering

If you see a light on your dashboard that looks like a steering wheel next to an exclamation point, it means there is an issue with your Charger’s electric power steering. Driving without power steering could pose a safety risk, so you should take your car in for service as soon as possible.

Engine Oil Lights

2018 Dodge Charger Engine Oil LightThere are two dashboard symbols that are meant to alert you to a problem with your engine oil. The first is the oil pressure warning light, which looks like an oil lamp. If you see this light activate, it means your oil pressure is low. If you are driving when this light comes on, you should pull over immediately. The second light is the oil temperature warning light, which looks like an oil lamp with a thermometer. This light will appear if your oil temperature is too high. When you see this light, you need to pull over and turn off your engine.

Auto Start/Stop Light

The auto/start stop system brings fuel savings to the forefront. The engine will be turned off when coming to a full stop, for instance, at a stoplight. A green icon displaying the letter A will be on when the system is activated. If the same symbol shows up in yellow, the stop/start system may require service.

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