Jeep Grand Cherokee L vs
Toyota Highlander

If you call Forest Park, Park Ridge, Skokie, or Chicago, Illinois, home, you likely have your sights set on the Jeep Grand Cherokee L and the Toyota Highlander. This is no surprise, due to the fact that they both offer an abundance of attributes that are well-worth checking out.

However, you can only choose one of these as your next on-road companion. That’s why our team here at Marino Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram (CJDR) has provided you with this brief comparison. Continue reading to find out how the Grand Cherokee L and the Highlander stack up against one another.

Jeep Grand Cherokee L vs Toyota HighlanderJeep Grand Cherokee L vs Toyota Highlander: Comparing Comfort Inside the Cabin

Both of these SUVs offer some pretty accommodating interior measurements. However, there are a few key differences that you’ll want to examine before choosing a favorite. We’ll take a look at the Grand Cherokee L first:

  • Third-row legroom—30.3 inches
  • Second-row headroom—39.9 inches
  • Third-row headroom—37.3 inches
  • First-row hip room—57.4 inches

Now, let’s consider what the Toyota Highlander has to offer for the same areas:

  • Third-row legroom—27.7 inches
  • Second-row headroom—39.4 inches
  • Third-row headroom—36.1 inches
  • First-row hip room—57.2 inches

A lot of these numbers come close. However, the Grand Cherokee L has more space to allow its occupants to move around and make themselves comfortable.

Jeep Grand Cherokee L vs Toyota HighlanderOverall Size and Performance Specs

Next, we’ll be discussing how these two compare in terms of exterior dimensions. See the table below:






Jeep Grand Cherokee L

121.7 in.

204.9 in.

77.9 in.

71.5 in.

Toyota Highlander

112.2 in.

194.9 in.

76 in.

68.1 in.

With its considerably larger stature, the Jeep Grand Cherokee L provides you with a more stable ride while maneuvering tight turns.

There are two possible engines for the Jeep Grand Cherokee L. Between them, you’re able to achieve a range of 290 horsepower to 357 horsepower. The most engine output you can expect to get out of the Toyota Highlander is 295 horsepower. Clearly, the Jeep features more oomph. As a result, you’ll have a better chance at being able to hold your own no matter what challenges happen to come your way.

Jeep Grand Cherokee L vs Toyota Highlander: Which One Will You Choose?

While the Highlander definitely puts up a good fight, it simply cannot hold up to what the Grand Cherokee L has to offer.

If you agree that the Jeep Grand Cherokee L supplies you with the valuable upper hand you need for everyday drives around Chicago, Forest Park, Park Ridge, or Skokie, IL, here comes the fun part: All you have to do to get a closer look at this impressive mode of transportation is contact Marino CJDR to schedule your test drive.

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