Maintenance Schedules



Look, if you’re the type to get really attached to a car, there’s no shame in admitting it. Here in Chicago, Skokie, and Park Ridge, your car is as much a commuter vehicle as it is a ticket to adventure. So, keeping it up to spec is a necessity.

Maintenance Schedules

At Marino Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram, we’ve put together this library of vehicle maintenance schedules to help our customers keep their cars in great shape. Check them out below to learn what your car needs now!

Chrysler Pacifica Maintenance Schedule

Dodge Grand Caravan Maintenance Schedule

Dodge Journey Maintenance Schedule

Jeep Cherokee Maintenance Schedule

Jeep Compass Maintenance Schedule

Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance Schedule

Jeep Renegade Maintenance Schedule

Jeep Wrangler Maintenance Schedule

Ram 1500 Maintenance Schedule

Automotive Maintenance eBook

Vehicle Maintenance Can’t Be Ignored

Over time, even the most capable, high-performing car can wear down if not cared for properly. As a matter of fact, deterioration can occur far more quickly than you might think.

However, even the smallest of routine maintenance items can make a huge difference in boosting the longevity of your vehicle. By caring for it with regular oil changes, tire rotations, fluid flushes, and more, you can add years onto the life of your car.

If you’re not entirely sure when your model might require a specific item, then you’ll want to check out the maintenance schedules found on this page. By following these schedules to the letter, you can keep your car in great shape for years to come.


Trusted Maintenance at Our Service Center

Maintenance SchedulesWhen the time comes for a bit of maintenance on your car, whether it be something big or small, know that you can trust the technicians at our service center. These experts have not only the experience, but the tools and the knowledge to get just about any job done.

If your car is in need of service today, we have an easy-to-use service scheduler on our website. Schedule your next service appointment today without ever having to pick up a phone.

Stay Up to Date with Our Maintenance Schedules

If you’re looking to get the most years as possible at of your car, basic maintenance is truly the key. By following the maintenance schedules found on this page, Chicago, Skokie, and Park Ridge drivers can tack tons of years onto their vehicle’s life.

When the time comes for your next service appointment, be sure to contact the technicians at Marino Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram!